Statement on the Queen City MLM Collective

Queen City Maoist Collective


On February 2nd, 2017, we are excited to announce the formation of the Queen City Maoist Collective. We believe that as a revolutionary organization, we are guided by the scientific principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

MLM is a higher stage of Marxism-Leninism. It is necessary as the objective conditions in the US call for application of the mass line, criticism and self-criticism. Marxism-Leninism has become outdated as a revolutionary science, fundamentally, because it has not been held accountable to the masses, the people who are necessary to make revolution. Most importantly, MLMs see that class struggle must continue under socialism and that the end goal of communism is the most important part of our struggle.

Some of our members are former candidate cadre with Workers World Party, and we have fully broken with this organization. We saw that there was no worth in trying to remain in the party and slowly…

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Trump not German chancellor circa 1933

Paul Cockshott's Blog

I do not think that the comparison with Germany in 1933 is helpful.

In terms of class, Trump is not a trumped up corporal but a bonafide member of the super-rich. If there is any historical comparison to be made it is with populist members of the Roman senatorial order like the Gracchi or Ceasar. In terms of nation, what we are dealing with here is not a second rank imperialist power aiming to be the top imperialist power, but the already top imperialist power. The politics of the German government in the 1930s were the outcome of an already long existing imperialist strategy going back many decades(see Fischer). The USA is the super power with  only two rivals, Russia and China both of which are  inferior to it in military power. Neither is able to threaten it. The long term strategy of the US bourgeois state has…

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How can Red Political Power Exist in Saint Louis in 2017? — Progressive Youth Organization – STL

2016 was a radically transformative year for Saint Louis, the State of Missouri, the United States, and the world. Locally, we saw deepening of contradictions across the board. We saw the continued police war on the masses of working class people of this city, particularly Black people. In the depths of winter, the police and […]

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How to Spot a Fake Leftist

No doubt about it, it can be tricky to spot fake news from real news; the sites seem real and the news itself seems real. It can be both a headache and embarrassing when you find that you shared a fake news story. Thankfully, however, spotting a fake leftist is far easier than spotting fake news. So in light of the Holiday season, I have put together this handy list of symptoms which fake leftists espouse. Read and enjoy!

  • Communism is about the eradication of all forms of oppression and exploitation; if the Leftist in question can only talk about the “evils” of Feminism, Queer visibility, and race studies, all while denouncing it as “Identity Politics” and “postmodernism”, then you have a fake Leftist.
  • If the Leftist runs their mouth about needing to “join together” in order to “defeat capitalism” and this “join together” is encoded as a class reductionist analysis, then you have a fake Leftist—there is more to communist theory then the working class versus the exploiting class.
  • If the Leftist spends more time joking about ice-picking Trots then providing cogent deconstructions of contemporary capitalism and its manifold manifestations, then you have a fake Leftist.
  • If the Leftist is a Dengist, then they are a fake Leftist. If they are a Naz-Bol, then they are not only a fake Leftist, but a fascist piece of filth. In either case, struggle will be required for them to be overcome.
  • If the Leftist belittles “SJW logic”, “Political Correctness”, social justice in general, then they are a fake Leftist; communism is more than simple social justice, but it also does, nevertheless, comprise a portion of its ideological drive from social justice thanks to its merciless resistance against all forms of oppression. If the Leftist in question doesn’t understand intersectionality and how social justice is needed to fight against oppression, then they are a fake Leftist.
  • If the Leftist refuses to conduct self-criticisms and investigate communities and theory which they are at odds with, then they are a fake Leftist. Part of being a communist is to learn and create syntheses, to push Leftist theory to a model capable of battling capitalism; when we hold views which run contrary to this fact and discover that they are incorrect, a self-criticism is needed. Refusing to provide one is a symptom of a fake Leftist.

Concerning Melodrama and Conduct: A Self-Criticism



Not sure if this is an image of a public criticism, but I think it gets the point across, essentially.


In the theoretical tradition which I have immersed myself, there is the concept of a self-criticism; essentially, it is a means for comrades to lay bare their mistakes, air their inappropriate conduct, behavior, and practice, and solicit responses from comrades. It is a chance to admit up to our frail, human status and try to better ourselves. Opportunism

So, it is long, time that I conduct my own self-criticism for an action of mine from a couple years ago. Please keep in mind, though, that the names of the persons involved have been omitted for their privacy.

Anyways, to get on with said criticism.

A couple years back, I was severely depressed. During one such depressive episode, I drank heavily and casually remarked that I was going to commit suicide. A comrade tried to talk me out of it; instead of responding in a neutral, mature, and healthy manner, I derided them and called them horrid transphobic slurs. This was not merely a mistake on my part but a fundamental mis-practice.

I wish to apologize for this behavior: I am sorry.

Though I do not consider myself a Transphobic individual, when I drink, I often become depressed; during this night, that depression reached a great height with my threat of self-harm. When the comrade in question attempted to dissuade me from self-hurt, my transphobic response was that of a melodramatic, Hollywood-esque shenanigan to garner attention—I called them slurs in an effort to drive them away, the understanding being that I would die alone unless they continued to shower me with the rugged ‘I will not leave you’ affection. I wanted to be pitied and cared about as I spiraled into despair.

There is no excuse for this highly bourgeois, individualist behavior. It reflects a personality which must not only strive to combat their reactionary impulses but live in a manner which pushes back against their divergent neurological facticity. Comrades should never play mind games with one another, abuse their personage. Moreover, comrades should especially not engage in such immature and petty stunts, like garnering attention from sappy affectation mining.

Alcohol is not an excuse for my actions. When I slurred at the comrade in question I knew that it was wrong of me, but I did it regardless because I desired to be the center of attention and because I was upset with myself; I decided to take out my existential frustration on another person instead of level-headedly discussing my worldly grievances in an open and honest manner.

I wish to also apologize for taking so long to write this self-criticism.

Obviously, when the incident happened, I was not in a healthy state-of-mind, so I was distracted by not only my own place but also  because of certain issues which came up as a result of that night (which does not concern my own action as much as it does of the action of my comrade in question). During the time I was also a university student, so I had a degree of class work to keep my mind from addressing my rotten behavior; though, it should be said, that this was largely just an excuse to prevent me from internalizing the consequences of that night. Additionally, what impeded me writing this self-criticism, aside from my own hesitancy, was the desire to not have any family or close relations see the dysfunction; a part of me wished to disown that night and forget that it ever existed. But this is not possible—what happened, happened, and I cannot ignore my own ill-conducted practice for the sake of self-aggrandizement.

What I did was wrong philosophically, theoretically, morally, ethically… however, you wish to think of it. My conduct went against my own community and radical tradition. It was inexcusable—period. So, I again apologize for this repulsive conduct. I promise to strive to better myself, not abuse persons when I drink and operate as a level-headed representation of the revolutionary tradition. It will be a long road, but I feel confident in my ability to better myself; and so, with all that said, I wish to beg forgiveness and to simply state that I will do better.

Another Cycle: Nothing Gained


Another election farce has come to an end. The result? Another capitalist swine has entered office and given the emperor a new set of clothes. It is all base; nothing of it matters—though you may be tempted to disagree with the hordes of angry people screaming for the blood of other people who are far closer to their ideals then they realize. But, as progressive comedian George Carlin once remarked, “Americans like to get worked up over minute differences”, so it makes sense.

But since the pseudo-fascist face of the day changes so often, let’s see who will be exploiting, oppressing, and murdering us for the next four years.

Ah, of course—Trump. Dumpy Trumpy. Generic Rich White guy, racist and all. What would happen if the Youtube comments section grew a pair of legs and trademarked itself.

My thoughts: not very much. I never considered Trump a fascist, unlike a great swathes of the Left who seem to be unable to articulate what a fascist is thanks to how neoliberalism and neoconservatism have warped the base and super-structure. But, let’s stay on topic.

It is important to remember this—had Hillary gotten elected, the only difference—maybe— would have been in the social sphere; meaning, things about gender, sexuality, and… uh, some overtures in regards to race, perhaps. Honestly, the fact that I have to think about what social initiatives would be better under Clinton, even moderately, is a testament to how little difference there is between the two candidates.

With Clinton, you can understand how things would have been; lots of rhetoric about equality, gay rights, some transgender lip-service, and a whole lot of denial about her own racist history. Meanwhile, on the foreign relations front, Clinton would give the United States the face of a reasonable tyrant. After all, she is a seasoned and professional politician. This would have been good for the Democratic Party since Clinton’s war record attests to her actions as a would-be president—a hyped up military intervention on the world scale which would exacerbate contradictions with North Korea and China and Russia. If you want World War 3 then Clinton is your woman!

So what happens with Trump?

Not much. We can expect draconian policies in relations to woman’s reproductive health, Queer visibility and rights, likely a slash on the financial aid program… uh, you know, the same shit that reactionaries are always attacking and that have not fared too well under Obama-the-Bomber. So, yeah: Trump is an uber-reactionary when it comes to the social sphere. How unsurprising.

If there is a silver lining—if you view peanuts in shit as a silver lining—Trump’s foreign policy is likely to be less hostile, considering his stance on Russia and the like (his admiration of Putin and Saddam). We must also remember that certain neoconservative think tanks denounced him because he wasn’t right-wing enough, so…

But this is what our current bowl of shit-pudding amounts to—with, or without, urine?

Honestly, the differences, as they presently stand, between the two candidates and what we can infer from their actions, simply is not enough to make me care. Seriously, I could not give a shit.

What I care about isn’t the personalities behind the throne, it is the throne itself—capitalism. I care about the very real neo-fascist movement which is gaining steam vis-a-vie Trump’s campaign (not that he cares for it). I do not care about how Trump will, inevitably, disappoint his contingent of supporters when he proves unable to build some delusional wall or put Muslims on some watch list. I do, however, care about the people who will suffer violence and discrimination as a result of Trump’s victory; I don’t care for forcing a historically revisionist angle in trying to say that the Democratic Party somehow is the better keeper for American exploitation. That flies in the face of history

I must admit, however, that I am looking forward, with a fair amount of masochistic pleasure, to the unending wails from liberals and progressives who will now shout until their lungs are sore. People like:

  • scream bloody murder at the electoral system; proclaim that voting fraud was somehow involved (it may have been involved, actually, but whether it was enough to sway the election or even matter, is another issue entirely); (2) the Bernie Sanders supporters who will take this as a moment to rant about how detrimental Clinton was to progressivism and how Bernie could have saved us all; (3) then, of course, there will be those classical liberals who get all angsty at voting itself; (4) who accuse third-party candidates for stealing Clinton’s chance at victory; (5) and, who could forget, progressives like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who will cry more indignant tears than all that exists in the ocean; (6) am I missing anyone? The conspiracy theorist, perhaps (but they are never important); (7) Oh, yes, who will forget, also: the pseudo-Left who gave critical support to Clinton based off of identity politics and are simply social-imperialists.

Provided, all the cries of Trump’s alleged fascism are going to get old quick. Though, I do hope that his victory at least provides the left with an opportunity to organize again; something which hasn’t been seen since Bush’s presidency; sure, such outraged liberals and progressives were hardly comrades, but they were at least there, doing something, and were in the position to listen to leftists. Conversion narratives, though, are a hard bright side. Though I do think the best that we can hope for is a moment of collective reflection and re-groupment on the part of the liberal-progressive establishment.

I think that what is important now more than ever, is to have a firm Marxist outlook.

Meaning, no compromise with reaction; condemnation of White Supremacy, an upholding of internationalism and anti-nationalism; a whole break with the pseudo-left that ignores the struggles of Native Americans and Transgender individuals. The left cannot afford to ignore anti-racist alliances and those who are struggling to violently break with the status-quo. These cancerous parasites have infected our movement for long enough and now, in a moment where a neo-conservative wad of waste has been elected, we should find it impossible to turn our heads in any direction but revolutionary communism.

Shutting Down War Criminal Allen West: KCRC Responds to the Call to Escalate the Struggle Against Fascism and the Alt Right —

On November 2nd, war criminal Allen West came to the University of Central Missouri (UCM) to spew Islamophobic and imperialist propaganda. After anti-fascist actions taken by the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC) in solidarity with the UT Antifa 3, he spoke for approximately 25 minutes, visibly shaking. He had been scheduled to speak for 2 […]

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