Essays, Polemics, and Histories

Divided into three sections, this page lists all of the pieces of note which I have written. Sometimes the pieces are about culture, art, practice, or history but they all have to do with a Leftist orientation. Essays are pieces which simply probe contemporary issues or make an argument for a thesis of mine. Polemics differentiate themselves from Essays in that they are, by their nature, salty engagements with comrades who have different positions on the two-line struggle. Histories, meanwhile, are simply non-sectarian pieces which detail specific happenings in the revolutionary movement.


(1) “Reactionary Communism?

(2) “False Progress: Queer Equality and the Media

(3) “On Gaming: A Revolutionary Perspective on Modern Video Games


(1) “Another Look at Safe Spaces

(2) “Idealizing PPW: A Response to the PCR-RCP


(1) “Notes Toward a Contemporary History of U.S Maoism