Thoughts on the NCP Queer Resolution

Recently comrades at the New Communist Party (NCP) have adopted a resolution on the Queer Liberation struggle. This resolution is well written and understands some of the dynamics of heternormative life as seen through the lens of the Queer working class. Yet it possesses some draw-backs which I feel deserve some illumination.

                Their starting point is marriage equality; a strong, well deserved point as the current social-situation has bent increasingly towards this controversial issue. Advocating for a complete sweep of marriage equality legalization they push against reactive tides in the petty-bourgeois Anarchist and Libertarian Socialist circles which prattle about the supposed counterrevolutionary traits found within marriage equality.

                Yet while they do so the NCP lacks focus. Ideology in this resolution is hampered by a lack of knowledge on the subject: one receives this feeling that this resolution, due to its short length, was written by a heterosexual queer supporter who could only provide the basics of what Queer people need from revolutionary parties in a heterosexist society.

                NCP theory in this matter avoids talking about the specific impacts of marriage equality and marriage in general. While marriage equality is something to be fought for we should remember that marriage itself, as it stands in bourgeois society, is imbued with many different legal and monetary loopholes which make a through revision under socialism a necessity. The hard-hitting questions such as: how revolutionary marriage equality supporters should work within the broader progressive movement and begin new revolutionary ones is left untouched[1].

                The second short-coming in their resolution is when they speak of pride parades:

                “However, the leadership at the helm of the struggle for queer civil rights has betrayed the queer masses. With depoliticized and toothless gay ‘pride’ parades sponsored by anti-people corporations,”

                The attack on pride parades is concerning. Though they are absolutely correct in asserting that the sponsorship of such parades by corporations is worrisome, especially since many of these corporate swine are anti-Queer during the remainder of the year, they should take care not to lump in all such pride parades as absurd activities; because pride parades are a defense against heterosexism and a rejection of societal hate, they are a necessity as much as armaments are to anti-fascism.

                Instead of offering such a generalization comrades should fleshing out a more involved opinion of pride parades where they distinguish between corporate brownnosing and legitimate modes of expression. They should focus on developing new means of organizing within the Queer community so as to hold more radical pride parades oriented towards a genuinely progressive propaganda show in mind.

                Other than those two slip-ups the NCP resolution on Queer Liberation is a breath of fresh air in the stale revolutionary sect market which often only adds on Queer struggles as an appendage under the “GLBT” label. The NCP accurately recognizes the inner-community hostility to Transgender people and advances a platform where all Transsexual and Transgender individuals have free access to the medical and transition resources they need to live a happy and safe life.

                Wrapping up with a heartwarming condemnation of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and declaring the rightful stance that HRC practices are part of the ruling class’s attempts to complete the hijacking of the Queer Liberation movement (thus perfecting the bourgeoisification process), they end on a positive note: that they stand with the proletariat and strive to unify the working class and Queer working class movement into a cohesive whole.