Dynamic Figment is a irregular publication dedicated to revolutionary anti-capitalism (Maoism). We uphold what some might call a Left-Maoist line on world events. We are pro-youth and student, Queer positive, against Third-Worldism, and run contrary to dogmatic thinking. We are opponents of all strands of revisionism and strive to uphold a honest opinion on the day’s most pressing stories. To this extent some of our articles may be short while other obtusely long. We hope you will stay with us and educate yourself on the truth of the communist movement.

We post theory on current events, dialectics, as well as education. Our outlook is “intertextual” in the sense that we examine popular culture as well as the working class movement. Focusing on pedagogy is an important aspect of our theory as we believe that the battle for youthful minds is an important field to contend with the conservative and liberal agenda. Contemporary culture and politics collide when we examine the influence of bourgeois ideology so we feel the need to discuss a wide range of topics and how they connect with the current struggle and movement for a better society.

We hope you will stick around, follow our blog, and participate in productive discussion.


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