American Rightism: Settler nationalism disguised as revolutionary science and communism

Red Like Mao

For this writing I will be looking at a document made by A Red In Ohio’s called “A Criticism of The RATPAC-ATX Program: Flag Burning, Ultra-Internationalism and Anti-Nationalism.” I will be mostly coming at this from the perspective of an indigenous revolutionary communist, I will be focusing on his ideas of American nationalism, I believe that I cannot make the best and proper criticism on his issues when talking about trans comrades. I will leave this to revolutionary trans organizations and comrades that can more appropriately tackle this and provide a correct line. I hope this will lead the comrade who wrote the criticism of RATPAC can grow out of rightism and settler nationalism and towards a truly revolutionary practice and theory. Because of the nature of this work I will have to quote and reference the work in question often.

“A Criticism of The RATPAC-ATX Program: Flag…

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