Flying the Red, White and Blue to Strike at the Red: On White/Right Opportunism

Red Midwest

“Lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet” is a Chinese folk saying to describe the behavior of certain fools. The reactionaries in all countries are fools of this kind. In the final analysis, their persecution of the revolutionary people only serves to accelerate the people’s revolutions on a broader and more intense scale. – Mao Zedong

RATPAC-ATX (Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism – Austin) is probably one of my favorite organizations today. Here is a militant group of transfolks who are struggling hard as fuck against unbelievable odds and are leading red struggle in Austin, Texas. They hold political education programs, they’re organizing material assistance to transfolks, they’re working hard as fuck. They’re an example for all who call themselves revolutionary, they’re developing Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory though practice, and the time will soon come when there will be RATPAC like groups in every city and…

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American Rightism: Settler nationalism disguised as revolutionary science and communism

Red Like Mao

For this writing I will be looking at a document made by A Red In Ohio’s called “A Criticism of The RATPAC-ATX Program: Flag Burning, Ultra-Internationalism and Anti-Nationalism.” I will be mostly coming at this from the perspective of an indigenous revolutionary communist, I will be focusing on his ideas of American nationalism, I believe that I cannot make the best and proper criticism on his issues when talking about trans comrades. I will leave this to revolutionary trans organizations and comrades that can more appropriately tackle this and provide a correct line. I hope this will lead the comrade who wrote the criticism of RATPAC can grow out of rightism and settler nationalism and towards a truly revolutionary practice and theory. Because of the nature of this work I will have to quote and reference the work in question often.

“A Criticism of The RATPAC-ATX Program: Flag…

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