Shit Left Communists Say

Necessity and Freedom

“I’m about to talk some shit.”

If you hang around the various socialist forums online long enough you’re bound to stumble across a few individuals that adhere to a tendency that can be said to fall under the larger umbrella of “left communism”. As a political signifier, “left communism” is pretty meaningless in our contemporary setting, primarily because the term only makes sense in relation to its time period and political opposite, that is, the specific historical period in which it arose (the early 1920s) and the specific tendency that it emerged as a critique of (the Bolsheviks and the post-revolutionary Soviet state) within the international communist movement. Since it’s not the 1920s, nor does the Soviet Union exist anymore, the term “left communism” unfortunately remains with us as a bit of a catch all for all communist tendencies that oppose “Bolshevism”, or in modern terms, all of the political inheritors…

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