Badiou’s thought has taken a new turn in his ongoing seminar on THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS,.

In the preamble to the first class for this academic year Badiou gives a brief autobiographical overview couched in terms of his philosophical system. He divides his life into four periods:

1) Childhood (1937-1953) Badiou has nothing to say here: “we are not going to get into an auto-analysis, or anything at all like one”. Analysis has to do with the truth condition of love, and Badiou does not want to explore the Oedipal “simplicities” of early love. Perhaps he has come to accept Deleuze and Guattari’s idea that Oedipus throws the mask of ifinitude on the infinity of desire. Moreover, Badiou is talking here as a systematic philosopher, and so no “Confessions” in the style of anti-philosophy are proposed.

2) Youth (1953-1968). Here Badiou is more forthcoming. He mobilises his theory of the…

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