Abolish Columbus Day Every Day! Celebrate Native Resistance, not White Settler Genocide!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

Columbus Day is an important holiday in the calendar of the white supremacist US nation. It is a holiday which celebrates the beginning of the genocide and enslavement of the First Nations people of this continent, and the beginning of the processes that would lead to the formation of the United States as a capitalist white settler colonial B0qMBgHIEAE3oeEcountry. Far from celebrating this nefarious date, we as the descendants of colonized and enslaved people must celebrate the centuries-old resistance of our people in the face of white settler and colonial aggression.

Columbus Day is not only a day off for us. It is a reminder that we still live under the brutal rule of the white supremacist state, that we still live under its laws, that our people still face genocide at the hands of its police, and people all over the world still face colonial aggression in the form…

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