The Syrian Deal: Is the End in Sight?

The Workers Dreadnought

In the last few days a deal has been in the making that will effectively end the Syrian civil war and open up a new military alliance against the Islamic State (IS). The deal will look effectively like what I regarded to be the best case scenario in 2013: the Assad government will recognise some of the opposition most notably the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), but also hopefully the National Coordination Committee for Democracy Change (NCB). They will call for snap elections, which will include the participation of this opposition and will predictably see their participation in government. In exchange, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – as weak as it is – will stop fighting the Syrian National Army and join them in the war against IS. But what is far more important is that this will allow for the formation of an American-Russian-Syrian-Iranian coalition against IS. The question of course is whether such a deal…

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5 thoughts on “The Syrian Deal: Is the End in Sight?

  1. Thanks for sharing my piece! Would love to hear any comments and criticisms you may have of it. Also, would be interested to know your views on PUL’s “2, 3 Many More Parties of a New Type?”

    • Hello, it is good to hear from you!

      I must say that I do not have any criticisms or serious thoughts on your piece; I thought it was a wonderful and concise piece regarding the imperialist debacle in Syria and thought it only best to share it. I reserve my criticisms for longer, more polemical​ pieces, such as my response to the PCR-RCP concerning their stance on PPW. So your piece fit in very well in a much needed summary of the events concerning the Middle East and the Evil Empire’s (U.S) role in it. Perhaps in the future I will have critiques of your thoughtful blog but right now, no, I do not.

      Presently I do not know of “PUL”. Link please? 🙂


      • The Proletarian Unity League was a small anti-dogmatic organisation within the broader milieu of the US Maoist movement. They merged with several other groups in the 1980’s, including the Revolutionary Workers’ Headquarters, to form Freedom Road Socialist Organisation. You can find their key book here:

      • Okay. I knew a little about them, I just didn’t understand right off the acronym​; admittely, history isn’t my strongest suit, though I have been trying to read more lately, such as “The Heavy Radicals” which is a great book for those interested in the revolutionary period of the RCP-USA and the state’s war on them. I will check out the link momentarily. Thank you, comrade.

      • I just finished reading “Heavy Radicals,” which indeed was a good book and I learned a lot from it. However, I tend to take a more critical approach towards the NCM than “Heavy Radicals”; indeed, I am more inspired by the anti-dogmatist tendencies within the NCM, especially Theoretical Review.

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