Relations in the University (Between Students and Staff)

A piece probing the relationship between university students and those employed by the university.

University Base Area

It likely is not news to those who are closely connected to the university that the master-slave dialectic exists in full-force. Custodians are expected to bow to the students, students are expected to kowtow to professors, professors, meanwhile, submit to the administration, while the administration is subject to the rule of the president, who is, in turn, dominated by the board of trustees or whatever specific entity exists in your locale. The point is that all of these threads exist in a state of flux where none are ever satisfied; students need more from the university while the university tries to gauge more from the students. This is while the fixed capital itself—the dormitories and student centers and department buildings— suffer from ill-maintenance due to the custodians not receiving adequate means to repair and maintain, and yet, still expected to keep the entire house of cards balancing in the chaotic…

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