“I am Boycotting The Election, and You Should Too”

Solidarity to the boycott.

Boycott Elections

It was just months before the October Revolution when Lenin published The State and Revolution, his scathing critique of—among other things—social democracy and the reformist tendencies that littered the political landscape of his time, and almost 100 years later we can make the very same observations about our own political context here in Canada. However, today it is not a people’s revolution that awaits us any time soon, but instead another election cycle in the three-ring circus (four rings, if we count the Green Party) that is capitalist democracy. It is a spectacle in which members of the professional political class perform for (read: pander to) their respective political bases and the vacillating ‘undecideds’ which they hope to corral into their corners just long enough to secure votes, after which they will promptly betray and ignore the people until the next time they need to secure votes once again.


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