CUNY Security Protects and Serves Zionism, Rough Handles Students

The struggle against reaction continues.

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, Students Without Borders, and NYC Students for Justice in Palestine had called for a protest against Iddo Netanyahu, brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Iddo Netanyahu served in Sayeret Matkal (a special forces unit of the terrorist IDF), supports the actions of his brother as the leader of the settler Zionist state, and publicly says Iran is Israel’s biggest threat. Iddo is producing a play at City College throughout the month of September, about a family facing the predicament of whether or not to escape Berlin in the 1930s.

CUNY students from many campuses came to protest and speak out against him despite the rain, outraged that Netanyahu could make a play about the terrible crimes committed against the Jewish people, while supporting the same thing being done to Palestinians today. Students spoke about how CUNY is also guilty, for hosting Netanyahu, as well…

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