Relations in the University (Between Students)

Another piece on university life, this time with an emphasis on relations between students.

University Base Area

Relations between Undergraduates follow an altered version of the paradigm between high school students; this is to say that the cliques—Otaku nerds, gaming geeks, athletes and jocks, theater and performing arts, and creative writing aficionados (among others) all have their own co-mingling spaces. So whether the student is a History inclined fellow or a Queer supporter, there is, theoretically speaking, a place for them on campus.

The altered component comes into place with the inclusion of a greater degree of autonomy. With students voluntarily being at the university, and with a milder level of maturity expected, comes (supposedly) a more intellectually stimulating experience once the inclusion of knowledge learned from courses are taken into account. So the equation, thus, is: [High School] + 1, the one being the inherent Otherness of University—its intellectual and voluntary component.

And yet it is important to remember we live in a postmodern age. Social…

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