The (Concept) of the University as a Battleground: a Reflection

A piece of mine offering some thoughts about universities and political struggle…

University Base Area

It is no secret that in Leftist circles the university has become a battleground. Indeed, if we are to use some stereotypes to demonstrate the persuasiveness of this relation between the two, we may say that the university in contemporary practice is to Leftists just as the factory was during the Industrial Revolution. One cannot examine a Leftist group’s website without finding reference to student struggles or without gleaning that, in some organizations, a substantial amount of their members are students.

I will not comment on whether this is a positive or a negative as I feel this is not the post. However, as a young person, the struggles and actions undertaken by university students and academics were often the only actions which traveled, so to speak. Due in part, I believe, to the illustrious past—the New Communist Movement, the original SDS, and the organized militant student unionist—many revolutionists today…

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