Tasks for this Blog

For those inclined towards education more than theory….

University Base Area

As a new and mildly irregular blog, the tasks of this—hopefully—collective experience are to be multifaceted. However, I have outlined some aspects which need to be taken into account. They are as follows: (1) an investigation into the role of universities and how they reinforce class structures, how they may be used in the opposite manner; (2) the history of the university and where it may go in the future; (3) journal entries from Leftist university students on the nature of their day-to-day life while surviving with an abnormal mental (“Illness”) condition; (4) contradictions within the university system and structure, with especial regard to the social and cultural dimension.

Of course, there is much more likely to be added in the future, something which will be addressed in later posts while this one, destined to be turned into a page and updated frequently, will live on as a brief bit…

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