A happy-go-lucky remainder concerning Maoism…

Rectification Rumpus Room

Dear Communists on the Internet,

60868149Sorry it’s been so long, but we thought we should touch base because we need to talk.

There’s a misconception that’s quietly spreading about Maoism and the so-called universality of Mao Zedong’s strategy of Protracted People’s War (PPW) ie. can it be practiced everywhere, including “First World” countries or is it particular to certain kinds of societies?

It’s true that there are some Maoists who claim that PPW is a universal strategy. But to claim that universal PPW is the official Maoist™ line is another matter. The first is debatable, while the second is simply false.

The Maoists in China, the Philippines, Nepal, and India – the ones who have actually practiced PPW and put armies in the field – do not uphold PPW as universal.

Meanwhile those who currently uphold PPW as universal are not practicing it, unless we count decade-plus-long-with-no-end-in-sight “accumulation of forces”…

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