Two problematic tendencies, and two-three problematic practices in RI – by Jameel M.

More from the Revolutionary Initiative’s ongoing effort to rethink their positions.

Revolutionary Initiative

The following document was written in late 2013 by Comrade Jameel M. during a period of internal assessment and just prior to entering into a period of major internal transformation.  In fact, this document (combined with our ideological struggle around women’s liberation) played a part in pushing us to move towards a deeper evaluation of our methods of party-building and mass work.  We are publishing this document to share some of the lessons we’ve learned in the course of party-building thus far.  More publications are forthcoming on our reconfiguration.

–Editorial Note

This article can be downloaded in PDF for ease of print and study here.

by Jameel M.

This document was originally written for internal struggle in RI, to identify and struggle against problematic ways (tendencies) of carrying out our work. However, the problems identified here are also common to communists and activists of other persuasions in much of Canada…

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