GOING HAM ON REGROUPMENT: How MLM Mayhem ruined thinking for the rest of us

A piece from a comrade with some sharp comments on comrade M. Paul’s theory (which supports the PCR-RCP).

Rectification Rumpus Room

If you enjoy such hobbies as shooting fish in barrels or tripping the elderly then there is nothing quite as satisfying as misrepresenting your opponents ideas and then pontificating upon them. JMP’s Ten Theses on Regroupment Politics remixes the idea of left regroupment and proposes an artificial revolutionary stance to fit his pompous worldview. On a certain level I envy the certainty of JMP’s arguments. It must provide him a  fair amount of smug enjoyment, wagging his revolutionary index finger at forces he derides as rightists, basking in the fountain of truth he bathes in, defecates in, and drinks from.  In the age of the crisis of all Marxism(s), whether that be the Marxism-Leninism of Stalin worship or the codified Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which screams “People’s War!” without the ability to organize one, the quick witted and firm prose of JMP’s theoretical excrement has managed to produce a number of micro-cults which…

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