Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial

Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial.

via Marx and Temporalism- a Tutorial.


(I will eventually come back with original material, but until that moment comes enjoy this collection of videos from the TSSI school of thought; it is highly advanced theories but well worth the time)


Reactionary Communism?

A thought provoking piece on minority positions in conceptual communism…

The Queer Gathering

It is often assumed that communism equates liberation for the whole of humanity from the shackles of oppression; this includes Persons of Color, Women, and, of course, Queer people. Yet is this set in stone? When a communist mode of production is realized and class society has disintegrated does this automatically entail equality for oppressed and minority groups? Just the same, is the inverse true: is a classless society which still oppresses Queer people (and others) “communist” even when classes have dissolved?

If communism is defined as simply a classless society than it must be agreed upon that bigotry and communism are compatible. To efface such birthmarks more would need to be added to the definition. Yet, as it stands, this is a peculiar contradiction. Mostly for its “against the grain” attitude as communism is traditionally seen as liberation.

Facts do, however, stand in the way. Glaringly, the bourgeois mode…

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