The Privileged Majority

                When speaking of a broad revolutionary movement composed of a mass of persons hailing from all walks of life it is important to remember privilege. Not privilege in the sense of one group being entitled to more of a voice than another but of the exact opposite: of one group’s voice being suppressed from another’s societal birthright.

                There are many kinds of privileges[1], all of which are harmful to successfully forging a workable mass-movement. For the sake of simplicity I will name the more dominant which must be taken into consideration by comrades. Failure to take such facts into consideration when organizing will result in reactionary social-tendencies.

                Privileges which harm the revolutionary cohesion are: Heterosexual privilege, Cisgender[2] privilege, Male privilege, and White privilege[3]. Comrades who claim allegiance to one or more of these privileges would do well to take such facts into consideration and challenge themselves to combat any traces of bias.

                Why are these privileges harmful? This is a valid question. To understand why these privileges harm the movement one must first understand the nature of each privilege along with what privilege itself comprises.

                Privilege is defined as possessing societal favor merely by existing openly as a certain identity. When one is privileged they do not have to worry about discrimination on the basis of their identity; in fact, they may expect to be treated with special intent by mere virtue of their personhood.

                As such privilege has many sub-sets which influence how people in society interact. When I speak of someone possessing heterosexual privilege I mean to imply they fit into the dominant heteronormative power structure of modern bourgeois civilization. Such people have never known discrimination on the basis of which they make love to, decide to publically hold hands with, and identify as. Sometimes these people are ignorant of their position and assume policies which exclude Queer people on the mistaken basis that everyone follows a heterosexual discourse; in doing so these people fail to understand why Queer persons are oppressed as it relates to the Mode of Production and the need for the capitalist to have an army of reserve workers. Reproduction becomes key; those who do not reproduce become foes. Ignoring this facet of life the person with heterosexual privilege invariably shuns the identities of the revolutionary Queer and isolates an ally.

                Likewise, Cisgender privilege is an evolution (so to speak) of Heterosexual privilege. The key difference here, however, is that Cisgender privilege affects some Queer comrades as well. As usually defined someone who identifies as Cisgender is someone who identifies with their biological sex and prescribed gender identity (male or female). They do not feel the need to transition to the identity which they know is their correct identity.

                Naturally, Gay and Lesbians, and Bisexuals, (along with heterosexuals) must take great care in not to produce attitudes which harm over-all morale by asserting that everyone follows a Male/Female discourse. These assumptions which lead to the incorrect conclusion that everyone is able to walk down the street or use the restroom without fear of assault hinders the growth of the movement via the downsizing of Transgender concerns and the implementation of reactionary codes of expected conduct. Above all it is paramount to remember that when dealing with issues of discipline among comrades in an organization there should be all voices taken into account if an issue involving identity surfaces. Failing to do so means a strain of backward thought unbecoming of revolutionary anti-capitalists.

                Moving on to Male privilege we see the collision of Heterosexual and Cisgender privilege fuse to form one of the great reactionary traits of our time. Male privilege is often seen as the child of Hetero-Cisgender privilege for its integration of the two (whether covert or overt). Male privilege is seeing the world through masculine terms, of viewing the Male specimen as superior to that of the Female. It means assuming a societal position of power which subjugates half of humanity (woman) to second-rate citizenship while the other half (men) to a warped conception of livelihood.

                Male privilege is old yet as repugnantly strong as it has been centuries ago. Though Feminist movements and Woman’s Liberation movements attempt to fight Patriarchy the system of Men is able to withstand the attack through constant innovation, through welcoming new blood (Gay men) into the ruling stratum. As such male privilege is a privilege which must be watched and brutally combatted by every comrade so as to ensure a truly all-inclusive progressive movement.

                This of course leads me to White privilege (a privilege nearly as old as Male privilege). Unarguably one of the most heinous of privileges, pro-White discourse ignores the realities of race relations opting instead for a fabricated reality divorced from the truth of institutionalized racism. White privilege means turning a blind eye to the struggles of the Colored community. Furthermore it means a whitewashing of theory to turn a blind eye towards the race question and problems concerning race relations.

                Privileges such as this need to be fought against by every revolutionary. Revolutionaries ascribing to one or more of such privileges need to look within and locate the inevitable shard of privilege which harasses the well-being of less-privileged comrades. History records a revolutionary movement mixed on these questions. So the tasks of this generation of radicals to firmly plant their efforts at eliminating these bulwarks of reactionary thought so a policy attracting members of all groups and communities may flourish; a communist society, after all, is a poor excuse for proper living if heterosexuals despise Queers, Males dominate woman, Whites oppress Blacks, and Cisgender assert pride over Transgender.

                True progress comes with understanding your own privileged position in society and what you do to combat such currents. It does not lie in shoving one’s head in the sand and ignoring the non-antagonistic contradictions existing between the majority and the minority; rather, it dwells in the catacombs of the progressive mind of realizing that even the well intentioned (such as myself) have privileged auras about them causing untold damage if left unchecked.

[1] For the purpose of this article I have narrowed in on but a few of the most damaging privileges. However, this does not mean to imply that there does not exist a great deal more privileges which also cause undue harm to the launching of a revolutionary movement.

[2] Cisgender is a scientific term used to describe individuals who feel comfortable with the gender and sex they were biological born.

[3] The list here of privileges is presented in no order which is meant to imply one privilege is more harmful than another; all are equally harmful (technically speaking for the purposes of this article).