Television Commercial for Communism?

The new Communist symbol?

I hate commercials. They are annoying, pointless and often made by overworked corporate ass-kissers who peddle the most meaningless crap imaginable. So when I heard of a commercial for communism, made by some Apple associate Vietnam based tech-heads, I just had to see it.

The conclusion, you ask: Fun to watch yet awful. In a post-modern manner I think it will be attractive to Centrists who are largely ignorant of communism; people who spend their political careers unmoved by either radical faction yet maintain an interest in politics for their own interest. The classical bourgeois lines (“we the people”) mixed with a healthy amount of vague direction and rebranding might be enough to push people into researching Marxism and Leninism on their own.

There is an over-saturation of white: it seemed to me to be a very realistic move, one which represented humanity as a whole is more similar than different, and that under communism the ultra-individualism of capitalism will be replaced with the intimate individualism of classless society. I think it is the kind of move I would have done had I slogged through years of film-school and advertising. So in all it was not something which concerned me.

The ad is not something I would have made and truly cannot see how it would be effective at organizing workers on a large scale. Perhaps if it directed people to some kind of educational hub to learn about basic Marxist theory it could be used as a jumping off point, much like a “revolutionary connection board” but such is surreal to even think about since such Pan-Leftist harmony hardly exists.

The approach used was not the best way to get your message through but when you are aiming for something that is “highbrow” It gets the job done. To me it seemed the “cinematic” equivalent of modern art (meaning, pretentious and ill-defined).

I think a more coherent commercial for revolutionary anti-capitalist ideas could take the form of serialized briefs. For instance: you remember how some companies had a series of shorts, each one advertising a different angle of their product from a shifting premise? Well I think such a format could be adopted to revolutionary ideas if one was so inclined; imagine short one or two minute briefs with working class people explaining what concepts like Imperialism, Historical Materialism, owning the Means of Production, and Class Warfare (etc) means to them. Sounds corny but I still think it is better than the “language of smiles” content from our current commercial at hand.

In all it wasn’t a horrid video as much as it was just a extremely silly and melodramatic effort directed towards the remnants of the so-called White “middle class”. Many comrades call foul at this re-imagining for reasons relating to revisionism. Though their cries should be taken seriously, since revisionism does travel in unexpected shapes, we must not be dogmatic and proclaim: “any commercial aimed at advertising communism is revisionism!” Rather we need to be flexible in our approach to this century and be open-minded enough to accept any and all possible means of promoting our convictions.


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